Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Farmers' Markets in Chapel Hill & Carrboro  We have two that I try to visit.  The Farmers' Market in Carrboro is great fun, parking is in short supply, but aside from that you can find many things except live farm birds and animals, thus this is no place to look for a pet chicken, duck or turkey nor a babygoat, sheep or even kittens or puppies.  However, I am sure if you mentioned that you were in the market for a pet of almost any description someone would volunteer quickly.  There are plants - flowers, herbs, trees, a wonderful assortment of fresh and home-grown vegetables.  There is a variety of farm-raised meats, chicken, lamb and beef and a variety of cuts. There is art work, and handiwork including hand-woven textiles, even outdoor furniture - beautifully made Adirondack chairs.  Another vendor offers items made from cedar  and bags of cedar chips.  It is open Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. through early afternoon and, I think, on Wednesday afternoons.

There is also a Saturday morning market in the parking lot of University Mall.  It is less sophisticated, the range of choices is smaller, but it is pleasant as well.

June 6, 2012  We sold the apartment in Paris and moved what we could back to Chapel Hill, NC.  Unhappily, it will be some months before we return so now my attention is on Chapel Hill and real estate. 

Our daughter with her two little boys (6 & 4) have moved into the same condominium complex where we live, so we see her a little bit more.  I walk her dog, a non-barking Jack Russell.   I had become used to its charms, and now I am looking at Chapel Hill with different eyes as Louise renews her acquaintance with this charming little town (not really so little) where she finished high school and college.

Our condo complex has a swimming pool so she and the two boys spend an hour or two there every time they can.  In Raleigh they did not have access to a swimming pool except at the Y and it was less relaxed.  The public library here is a delight.  Temporarily it is in the University Mall, with lots of parking, and just minutes from where we  live, so they visit it weekly, a good habit for little children, and the children's section there is wonderful.